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Browse our range of Luxury Leather Shoelaces below. Our Luxury Leather Shoelaces are each made with Gold Embossed Aglets.

Loop King Laces strictly provide the Most Luxury Luxury Shoelaces Only, each made from Genuine Leather. Our Laces are 100% FIRE RESISTANT, keeping you safe from disasters unlike normal cotton sneaker strings. Each Lace is a Flat Leather Lace and 6mm in Width. Our Luxury Leather Shoelaces fit in a wide variety of trainers, sneakers, shoes and boots; Such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Yeezys, Jordans, Pumas, Hi Tops and More. See the sneaker strings below.

As well as Luxury Leather Shoelaces, we also offer Luxury Rope Laces and Luxury Flat Waxed Laces.

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Our Luxury Leather Shoelaces are the pinnacle of Quality. They're Waterproof and 100% Fire Resistant.

Our Luxury Leather Shoelaces can be one of the best methods for outfitting a luxury shoe with a completely custom lace. The laces we produce are perfectly suited to sneakers such as the Jordans, VANS, Most Hi-Tops and more.

A Luxury Leather Shoelace can work as an upgrade from your regular laces that come with your sneakers. They are great for waterproofing shoes and can be very well suited to everything from a simple style of sneaker all the way up to dress shoes and boots.

The Luxury Leather Shoelaces that Loop King Laces provide also come with an improved touch of class. Every model of our shoelaces that we have on hand are designed and crafted with gold embossed aglets. This gives your sneakers the standout effect they deserve.

With 7 stunning options such as our Gold Leather Laces to a more understated selection like our Dark Grey Leather, you can have different styles that are customized to almost any outfit whilst expressing your nature.

Rather than cotton shoelaces or other synthetic materials which can sometimes deliver issues in the shoe or while you are by a fire or on a warm street, our shoelaces can work in a wide range of settings and with improved durability. If choosing cotton shoelaces, please only choose a range of Luxury Cotton Shoelaces such as our Rope and Flat Waxed Laces.

If an upgrade is what you’re looking for, be sure to enhance your style with our Luxury Leather Shoelaces.

If you need anything at all, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch! If you would like to know the best shoelaces size for your shoes, then please visit our Shoelace Size Chart. Thank you.